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Welcome to Roatan Christopher Tours.
Receive a warm welcome while exploring our website and offering you the best of  Roatan tours and cruise ship shore excursions in the beautiful Bay Island of Roatan Honduras.Roatan Christopher Tours provides you with an exceptional Roatan excursion with fun and excitement in each adventure. Choose from a wide range of activities that will richly color your vacation and give you a time to remember. We customize each Roatan cruise excursion around the entire island. You can select from Roatan zip line adventures, the entire Roatan Honduras Tours, Roatan Snorkeling Adventure, Roatan Freestyle tours, Roatan Beach Excursions,  Parasailing, Scuba Diving, horseback riding,Eco Jungle walk, sport fishing trips, natural parks, Monkeys, Birds, Iguanas, Shopping, Local Restaurant, and much more that Roatan has to offer.
On our beautiful Island, you will experience paradise while having the most exciting time with your energetic and fun loving tour guide. Many of our happy customers have left us with kind words and glowing reviews and we invite you to read their past testimonials.
Our cruise ship shore excursions are especially designed for cruise ship passengers that are arriving at the Mahogany Bay Honduras Isla Roatan or Island of roatan Honduras coxen hole.


Free Style Tour


Roatan Freestyle Tour: Is a tour specially design for cruise ship passengers like you. Arriving at Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan or Island of  Roatan Coxen Hole Honduras. As soon as you meet up with us at your cruise terminal we’ll start you off on a wonderful historical tour through the Island of Roatan. While visiting our island there are certainly many exciting activities and things to do during your day.  we for instance have some of the best Roatan zip line tours that you can try out. There is also Monkey Park where you can get the opportunity to interact with monkeys and even feed and play with spider monkeys, as well there is an Iguana Farm where you can visit, which has Iguanas, tropical birds, a sea aquarium with many different species of fishes, lobsters, conch, Etc...
Other places worth a visit including the: Gumbalimba Park, Botanical Garden, Butterfly Garden, the Roatan Island Museum, Cameo Factory  and others. All which will require an entrance fee.

On the island we have one of the best beaches, West Bay Tabyana, where you can go out for a nice snorkeling trip, swim around, kayak, rent a jet ski, go parasailing, enjoy the glass bottom boat ride, or simply just kick back, relax, and enjoy your time on this beautiful island. If you are interested in stopping at the beach for some time then simply let your guide know – you can spend as much time on the beach as you wish.

This freestyle private Tour is designed to suit you and your group. You will have your own private air conditioned tour vehicle and guide for your entire time on our beautiful island. There is no time limit; you will determine your own time limit - as soon as you would like to go back to your ship let your guide know. Keep it in mind that we’ll want to ensure that you get back with plenty of time to spare before your ship is scheduled to leave.


Tour of Roatan And
Mangrove Tunnel


Roatan Island Tour and sightseeing Mangrove Tunnel: Come and explore the culture of Roatan Honduras. When your cruise ship arrives and docks at any port of Roatan and you have met up with us, you will be escorted to your air conditioned tour vehicle and guide, we’ll start you off on a wonderful historical tour through the Island of Roatan.  This tour will go through Coxen Hole, the capital city of the Bay Island of Roatan Honduras, We’ll also go through French Harbour City home to the entire island’s largest fishing industry.

Certainly one of the most interesting stops on this tour is the Iguana Farm and which compromises of iguanas, birds, monkeys, and a sea aquarium with many different species of marine life such as. tarpon fish, turtles, lobsters, conch, Etc...


The Best Of Roatan Total Package


Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan Tours – The best of Roatan Tour, Zip line and snorkeling adventure: This tour is for anyone who is looking to enjoy a memorable Roatan sightseeing and adventurous day on our beautiful island Roatan Honduras. The tour will start with you learning some of the wonderful history of Roatan culture. During this tour both sides of the island i.e. the East End and West End will be covered and there are certainly many stops that you can make if you wish to. Among these are Iguana Farm, Monkey Park, Botanical Garden, and indeed any other stop that you’d wish to make including shopping, etc. All of these offer mentioned attractions will require entrance fees in order for you to gain admission.  


Explore Zipline and Splash


Roatan Zip Line Tour: Explore our beautiful island of Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan Honduras and have a wonderful adventure throughout your day. This tour is designed privately just for you and your group which means that you will have your own private air-conditioned vehicle and tour guide for the entire day that you will be touring the island. Your guide will take you on a unique sightseeing cultural and historical tour of Bay Island Roatan Honduras and will certainly make several stops along the way thus allowing you to get out of the vehicle for some great photo opportunities as well as to visit interesting attractions like Iguana Farm, Monkey Park, local shops, and indeed any other interesting stops that you might fancy before heading over for your Canopy Zip Line Adventure Tour.


Zipline And Beach Excursion


Zip line tour in Roatan: Join other adventurous zip liners from your cruise ship for an unforgettable zip line adventure in the Bay Island of Roatan Honduras, the number one zip line adventure in the western caribbean. This Isla Roatan zip line canopy tour is for anyone over the age of 5, under 300 lbs, adventurous and in moderate physical condition. so don`t let your age or ability be an obstacle. Our groups are small, our guides are experienced and our trips are always memorable makers! our Roatan zip lining adventure has 13 zip line cables not including the emergency cable. 16 platforms await you at different level of the zip line tour.

All groups or individuals are briefed by professional instructors before mountaning the zip line cables. Our Canopy zip line tour has a changing area, restrooms and snack bar, where you can purchase cold drinks such as  Beer, Water, Soft drinks and snacks. We also have a nice shaded area for you to rest and refresh your self after your Roatan zip line adventure, as well as getting the chance to interact with our monkeys.


Roatan Snorkeling Adventure


Snorkeling in Roatan: Come and enjoy a wonderful snorkeling adventure with us on the beautiful Island of Roatan Honduras. You certainly won’t find a more relaxing snorkel adventure location on this beautiful island that is replete with the second largest coral reef in the world and the most protected one in the entire Caribbean.
We work closely with the Roatan Marine Park to ensure that our guests are always provided with the best quality of snorkeling equipment as well as the best snorkeling guides, snacks and drinks. Our snorkeling trips start from Sandy Bay and end at West Bay Tabyana Beach, a hugely popular beach on Roatan Island. You will be snorkeling in many different snorkeling sites on your trip in addition to enjoying a nice sightseeing encounter with dolphins and star fishes.

When your snorkeling is over and you are back at the beach you can ask your guide to facilitate any other activity you would like to enjoy during your remaining time on the island. Nevertheless, your guide will be with you for the entire day until you request to go back to your ship.


Eco Jungle Walk Suspension Bridge
and Beach Break


Eco Jungle Walkway Suspension Bridges and beach brake Is an Roatan Shore Excursion  specially designed for cruise ship passengers arriving at Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan and Town Center Coxen Hole Roatan Bay Island of Honduras. The eco jungle walkway has 8 suspension bridges and makes for a very unique walk through the Isla Roatan jungle rainforest. There are many different species of Roatan Bay Island native animals that you may see during your jungle walkway tour – lookout for iguanas, monkey lala, birds, tropical flowers, fruit trees, nut trees and amazing views.

Your excursion will begin right from the time you meet up with your tour guide at any of the two aforementioned cruise terminals. First up will be a nice sightseeing and historical drive through our beautiful island en-route to the Jungle walkway and suspension bridge location. Once there your guide will guide you through the entire Jungle walkway tour.

There are concrete walkways, wooden steps and handrails, and each suspension bridge has a width of 4ft. The bridges vary in length from 150ft to 200ft and are the longest and strongest suspension jungle bridges in the western Caribbean. The duration of the Eco Jungle Walkways tour is about 45 minutes. This excursion is however not suitable for people with walking disabilities. The minimum age for the excursion is 5 years old.


West Bay Tabyana
Beach Tour


Cruise Excursions Beach Tours in Roatan Honduras: Come and enjoy a wonderful relaxing day at our beautiful white sand West Bay Tabyana Beach, a breathtaking natural beach that is truly an amazing destination worth visiting. At the beach you will find a variety of beach activities that you are sure to enjoy during your time there.

Such as: Banana boats, parasailing trip, jet skis rental, ocean kayaks, snorkeling trip, glass bottom boat tour and others, as well there are beach chairs and umbrellas available at the beach that you can rent for your convenience. If you are interested in any of these activities just let us know as you do your booking and we’ll ensure that all you need is set up for you. Remember that these activities will require additional fees that must be paid to those in charge of them at the beach.

On the beach there are lots of great places to get food and drinks and it is generally a great place where you can simply kick back and relax, swim, and do whatever else will make your day. You will have your private guide and transportation for the entire day you’ll spend on our beautiful island and you can choose to head back to your cruise ship at any time you wish to do so.


Tour of Roatan and Glass Bottom Boat


Tour of Roatan and Glass Bottom Boat, Discover the history of Isla Roatan as you watch the breathtaking landscape that surrounds the area in addition to learning about the local culture of the Roatan Bay Islands.

During your spectacular trip of our beautiful island we’ll allow you to make various stops along the way. There will be stops at some of the great overlook viewpoints on the way from where you can clearly and simultaneously see both sides of the island and here you will have the chance to alight from the vehicle and take great pictures. There are a whole lot of other stops that you can make if you wish including Iguana Farm, Monkey Park, as well as local restaurants and shopping locations.

This tour highlighting various aspects of Roatan culture will be followed by our exciting Glass Bottom Boat Tour where you will behold uncountable fishes of different species, turtles and other sea creatures, and not forgetting the great lively and colorful coral reef that spans underneath the water.
This is by far the world’s second largest coral reef and also the most protected in the entire Caribbean. We’ll definitely be proud to have you become part of our island culture. This tour is suitable for people of all ages and non-swimmers will also enjoy it in a completely safe way. Come have a great time with us on this excursion and make your day in Roatan most memorable.


Explore Roatan and Parasailing


Parasailing in Roatan Honduras: explore a wonderful historical tour through the Island of Roatan and enjoy a great parasailing trip during your day. On your island tour you can visit any of the interesting attractions available here like Monkey Farm and Iguana Farm as well as any other places of interest as we continue to give you a nice sightseeing tour that will reveal fascinating aspects of Roatan Island culture.

This tour will take about two hours or more and within this time you can choose to stop just about anywhere you wish to. After the tour is over we’ll head over to the beautiful white sand West Bay Tabyana Beach where you will be taken out on our parasail boat for a parasail ride. Get ready therefore to strap on and fly 800ft above the gorgeous beaches – this will undoubtedly be an exciting way to experience the beauty of the beach and the thrills of the sky.

Parasailing is an unforgettable way to spend your beach day. Each flight takes off and lands directly on our state-of-the-art parasail boats. As you soar above you will behold breathtaking views of the sea and an abundance of marine life which may include dolphins or manta rays. With our dedication to offering a quality service, an experienced team of captains, and state-of-the-art equipment, Roatan Honduras Water Sports is and will continue to be Isla Roatan Honduras safest choice for parasailing.


Zip line Adventure & Parasailing


Mahogany Bay Island of Roatan Honduras Zip lining adventure and parasailing tour package, enjoy a very nice scenery tour of our island as we make our way for an unforgettable zip line and parasailing adventure, this great and extremely adventurous excursion is certainly an ideal roatan tours for anyone looking to have a fun filled  shore excursion in Roatan Honduras. The zip linig and parasailing  adventure is for anyone over the age of 5 adventurous and in great physical condition, so do not let your age be an obstacle, all of our zip lining and parasailing guides are experienced and will be definately glad to assist you throughout your entire adventure, you will be briefed by your professional guide instructor before your adventure get started.

Your adveture will first begin with an 55 to 65 minutes of fun filled zip lining adventure, during your Roatan zip linig tour there are numerous tricks that you can try with the help of your guide instructor, such as the Superman, the Upside Down, and the Monkey. There are 13 zip line cables and they all varies in length from 800fts to over 1300ft. 16 platforms will await you at different levels of the zip line tour.  When your zip lining adventure is over then we will continue with a 5 minutes drive to West Bay Tabyana Beach where you will be taken out on our parasailing boat for an great parasail trip, so be ready to strap on and fly 800ft above the gorgeous beaches – this will undoubtedly be an exciting way to experience the beauty of the beach and the thrills of the sky.

When you're done with your zip lining and parasailing experience, you can spend as much time as you like at our gorgeous White sand and crystal clear water West Bay Beach, so you can relax yourself, get a bite to eat or drink or choose to do some more adventurous activity such as: going out for a great snorkel trip, ride the banana boat, rent a jet ski, go kayaking or simply just kick back relax yourself and enjoy your time here on our beautiful island.


Roatan Scuba Diving


Two tank certified scuba dive trip.  Fun diving trips: Certified divers can enjoy the use and comfort of our dive boat as we visit two different sites at the Roatan Marine Park. Your dive trip will be guided by one of our dive masters and who will help you with your dive equipment and lead you on an underwater tour while pointing out the reef fish and creatures present on Roatan. The price for 2 dives is $110 per person and this fee includes roundtrip transportation from your cruise ship terminal, rental equipment, and the $5 Roatan Marine Park fee.

Learn how to discover scuba

Discover scuba is an introduction to scuba diving and takes place right off the beach in West Bay. Students get to practice their scuba skills in shallow water before swimming out to the reef at Mandy’s Eel Garden. This dive site is ideal for beginners and is populated with colorful reef fish, stingrays and corals. The price is $130 per person and this is inclusive of roundtrip transportation from your ship, rental equipment, and the $5 Roatan Marine Park fee.


Roatan Sport Fishing Charter


Deep Sea Sport Fishing Charter.

Roatan Fishing/Roatan Sport Fishing: The Early Bird is a clean and well maintained 24ft. Grady White Explorer. She comes fully equipped with Penn International series fishing equipment, lifejackets, compass, VHF radio, GPS, fish finder chair, stereo and iPod adaptor. We will be fishining for a wide variety of different species of fishes within the Caribbean sea, such as: Tunas, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Barracuda, Sail fish, Blue Marlin and others.

The half day charter cost is $580 (1-4 people) and this covers roundtrip transportation from your cruise ship, four hours of fishing, equipment, crew, drinks, snacks and fruits.
The full day charter cost is $990 (1-4 people) and this covers roundtrip transportation from your cruise ship, eight hours of fishing, equipment, crew, drinks, snacks, fruits and lunch.

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